Go With A Consumer Protection Attorney That Will Protect You

A consumer protection Broslavsky & Weinman, LLP attorney in Los Angeles, will fight for you if you believe you are the victim of unfair or dishonest business practices. The old saying that buyer beware is long gone.

The new saying is, seller beware. There was a time though when consumers were out of luck if they bought a defective product or injured because of a product that was inherently dangerous. But today, you the consumer, have many avenues for recourse and remedy.

One legal case helped change the way companies now conduct business. The legal landmark case was about a man injured in the automobile he drove. The manufacturer of the vehicle avoided legal responsibility for their defective products by selling to auto dealerships. Hiring a consumer protection lawyer can help win your case.

He suffered eye damage. He sued the dealer and the manufacturer of the car. But the court did not allow the case against the manufacturer. At this time consumers could not sue the manufacturer only the dealer because they did not buy directly from the product producer. In fact, this is why car manufacturers formed dealerships in the first place, to avoid product liability lawsuits.

He sued the dealer and manufacturer, but his case against the manufacturer was thrown out. On appeal, however, the court ruled that he could sue the manufacturer under a new legal concept called vertical liability.

The case led to the use of safety glass in all automobiles which of course is the standard by law today.

If you suspect in any way that you have been treated unfairly or dishonestly by a business or company, call a consumer protection lawyer. There was the case where a smooth-talking door to door salesman convinced an elderly lady of 82, to buy his $1,600 vacuum cleaner.

The woman weighed no more than 98 pounds and could not even lift the machine, let alone use it to clean her home. The salesman did not allow her to try to lift it and sold it to her for $1,600 and refused to take any of her calls when she called to complain.

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