Paternity in Chicago

With regard to the disregard of paternity, the rigidity of the presumptions pattern is confirmed. To the father who can not prove his wife's infidelity and in any case proposes the action beyond the prescribed term required by the law, it is not allowed to disregard the children, even if the genetic evidence in his possession exclude biological paternity. To help in this situation you can hire a Chicago paternity attorney. There are two reference standards.


The code identifies the circumstances in which the action of disregard may be exercised, including the adultery committed by the wife. In this case, husband is admitted to prove that the child has genetic or blood group characteristics incompatible with those of the alleged father or any other fact tending to exclude the paternity. The case decided by the Court begins with an action of disavowal with the Court, towards the two children born in the marriage, whose conception had occurred in the period in which the wife had had two different extra-marital relations . At the same time, the Chicago man had asked for the declaration of natural paternity in the hands of the two presumed natural parents, and finally the compensation for moral and material damages against the latter.


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