Top Mediterranean Cuisine

If you live or are traveling and will pass by West Village, California, there is a stop you must make to enjoy the highest quality of Mediterranean food preparations.

What makes “Mediterraneo” so special?

Cuisine at Mediterraneo has that touch of fresh ingredients and perfectly seasoned Mediterranean food. The atmosphere at the restaurant is unmatched and represents and exquisite dining experience. Tasting the Mediterranean flavors along with California’s influence is guaranteed to give you a dining experience like no other. With an exclusive environment, Mediterraneo offers you high cuisine with sophistication. There is no other experience like the one offered by a beautiful private lake and working vineyard. This makes Mediterraneo a must stop if you are in West Village Inn; you are in for the best restaurant experience.

A great cuisine

Food at Mediterraneo is prepared with selected ingredients that are ensured to always be fresh. Flavor is enhanced through the most exclusive Mediterranean recipes. Everything from breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, wines, cocktails, and much more are a delightful experience of high quality flavors. We offer you nothing less than our best and favorite Mediterranean flavors in a beautiful environment. Everything from our varied menu is prepared with the required passion and dedication and with nothing else in mind than to provide you with the most exquisite flavors.

Make your dining experience a very special one, only at the best restaurant in West Village Inn. We are all about flavor, quality and delightful dining experience. Visit Mediterraneo today and have a unique restaurant experience.


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